In solidarity
with small businesses and artisans

La Région Sud

Financial aid is available

The Region Sud can grant an investment subsidy of between €2,000 and €5,000 for the acquisition or development of digital tools to businesses, craftsmen, traders, ESS companies and the tourism sector.

Two grants are available:

(apply by 31/1/2021)

(apply by 31/3/2021)


“While the tourism sector has been using digital tools and innovation for many years, this unprecedented crisis has considerably accelerated the digitalisation of trades, customer and prospect relations, the design and marketing of goods and services. It is in this context that this measure, which plans to support and accelerate the digitalisation of tourism companies, is designed to enable them to respond to the immediate health challenges and to gain in competitiveness, with the aim of making their activity more sustainable and more resilient”.

Official site details here


“The South Region may grant an investment subsidy of between €2,000 and €5,000 to businesses, craftsmen, traders and social and solidarity economy enterprises of 20 FTEs or less, primarily located in a town centre, having an economic activity, directly affected by a total or partial closure measure linked to the Covid-19 health crisis”.

Official site details here

How can we help?

We are specialists in the provision of digital services: websites, e-commerce and reservation systems. We have a record of success in delivering high-quality websites and services. We can help you to apply for the grant and we can work with you to deliver the solution.

We can help you to apply for a grant

The forms that must be completed ask several questions and require documents.

  • The form will ask you whether you have had coaching or a diagnosis of your company’s digital maturity and an analysis with an expert to determine the solution best suited to your needs – we can provide you with this analysis.
  • The form will ask what tool/technology/product have you chosen to implement – we can help you to make the right choice and we can decribe the technology and the benefits that it will bring you.
  • You will need to describe what communication action with your customers and/or staff you will put in place to support the acquisition of this digital tool – we can help you by providing mailings and social media advertising.
  • You will be asked to provide documents such as the development plan, budget and quotations, we can provide these.

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